Thoughts on Smartphone Landscape

Here are my thoughts about the smartphone market intertwined with my own device history.

For many years, I was a loyal Palm user, having started with the Palm Pro (1997) and going from that to the Palm III (1999) -> IIIxe (2001) -> Kyocera 6035 (smart phone) (2002) -> Treo 600 (2003) -> Treo 650 (2005) and then finally the Treo 700 (2007). I kept the Treo 700, even though it was dying and I was out of contract on Sprint because I was waiting for Sprint to release an Android phone and to see what the next iPhone would be like. I had also heard about the upcoming Palm Pre on Sprint and was interested in it. Continue reading

iPhone Travel Tips

Here are some iPhone travel tips.

1. Don’t bother getting an airplane charger or car charger. It’s still rare that airplanes will have the power outlets, and if they do, it’s probably not going to be at your seat. Instead, get one of those lithium battery packs. They charge from a USB socket and have one of their own to charge an iPhone or anything else that can use it. I’ll edit this post when I get home to link to the one I use. You can get various capacities. Continue reading


If you’re a HCI professional and not a member of BostonCHI, you’re missing out. We’re the local chapter of ACM SIGCHI and we were the first local chapter. Our meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month. We’ve got a great lineup of speakers this year. So far, we’ve got: Continue reading