Anecdote About the Pre

Here’s an anecdote about the Pre. Last night I was at a networking event and we had to send an email out to the attendees with an update to the directions prior to the meeting. My colleague has a Pre. I was trying to send out an email using the registration site we use and couldn’t edit the rich text form with Mobile Safari. So I asked my colleague if I could try on his Pre. And it worked, but only because the site changed the text field to plain text. He said that was the first time that he could do something on the Pre that couldn’t be done on an iPhone and that usually it was the converse.

So, I’m happy I didn’t get a Pre.

I wonder who will end up buying Palm. Cisco, HTC, Nokia? I’m not sure why any of them would want it. And neither is this guy.

Thoughts on Smartphone Landscape

Here are my thoughts about the smartphone market intertwined with my own device history.

For many years, I was a loyal Palm user, having started with the Palm Pro (1997) and going from that to the Palm III (1999) -> IIIxe (2001) -> Kyocera 6035 (smart phone) (2002) -> Treo 600 (2003) -> Treo 650 (2005) and then finally the Treo 700 (2007). I kept the Treo 700, even though it was dying and I was out of contract on Sprint because I was waiting for Sprint to release an Android phone and to see what the next iPhone would be like. I had also heard about the upcoming Palm Pre on Sprint and was interested in it. Continue reading