Hi Lo vs Whole Foods: Fight!

So, there’s been a huge discussion going on online about the Hi Lo, a latin american-focused grocery store in Jamaica Plain, MA, closing and being replaced by a Whole Foods. Hi Lo has been in business for about 50 years and has decided to close. They’re not being forced out but are closing by choice. They’ve decided to lease their store to Whole Foods.

How many turkeys have you eaten?

I was thinking the other day about how many turkeys I’ve probably eaten in my life and decided to do some calculations. Note that for about 20 years, I ate a turkey sandwich for lunch every day. To be on the conservative side, I calculated it for 6 days a week. I also threw in Christmas and Thanksgiving meals.

Sandwich Assumptions

  • 16 pound turkey
  • 0.25 pounds of turkey per sandwich
  • 6 days a week
  • 52 weeks a year
  • 20 years

Sandwich Calculations

  • 64 sandwiches per turkey
  • 312 sandwiches a year
  • 6240 sandwiches in 20 years
  • 97.5 turkeys of sandwiches

Meal Assumptions

  • 0.33 lbs of turkey per meal at thanksgiving / christmas
  • 2 times a year
  • 30 years

Meal Calculations

  • 48 meals per turkey
  • 60 meals in 30 years
  • 1.24 turkeys due to christmas and thanksgiving

Grand Total: 98.7 turkeys

Wow! Almost 100 turkeys. That’s kind of sad.

Google / iPhone / MS Exchange syncing

I was very excited that iOS 4 would include support for multiple exchange accounts. Previously, I had my phone syncing with google mobile sync as an exchange service and my work exchange account synced as an imap service. This allowed me to sync email, calendar, and contacts from google and email from work. However, when someone invited me to a meeting at work, I could not open the invite b/c of the limitations of the iPhone’s mail app when hooked into an imap account. Continue reading

Cheap iPad stand

I think this would work as a cheap iPad stand: wire plate / book holder for less than $10. Using this w/ a bluetooth keyboard would make it a lot more ergonomic, as then the iPad could be raised to a more appropriate height use as a monitor. It should make using it for longer periods of time less stressful.

The basics of SageTV

If you want to use a computer you own as a DVR, there are a few things that you’ll need and a few things that you have to decide or think about. While setting up a SageTV system is complicated, it’s mostly due to the complexities of computer hardware and networking. SageTV itself is fairly easy. I describe what SageTV is and how it works, some questions to consider when planning your installation, required software and hardware, and detail out various configuration options. If you’re not very familiar with DVRs and the current crop of options, take a look at my previous article.

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DVR history and your options

Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are also called Personal Video Recorders (PVR) and the two names can be used interchangeably. I currently use SageTV Media Center which I have installed on a server computer in my basement. They are effectively digital VCRs, but can have many other features, like:

  • multi-room access
  • music, photo, and video playback
  • access to online content like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or Youtube
  • many hours of video recording
  • the ability to record more than one show at a time.

They’re great, and I suggest you get one.

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Android vs iPhone: it’s all about the user experience

I had tried out the G1 at T-Mobile stores, but really wasn’t impressed. It has a lot of similar features as the iPhone, but it was a lot less polished and not quite as logically lain out.

Android hardware has gotten a lot better since then. The OS has improved quite a bit as well. A friend of mine has a DROID that was just updated to Android 2.1 and I notice that a lot of the list scrolling (such as in the app management screen) and the zooming in and out in the maps app is definitely not as smooth as the iPhone. The whole Android experience is more complex. It feels more like Linux, which I suppose is not surprising. Prior to buying my iPhone 3GS, I spent a lot of time at the Apple store and at the T-Mobile store trying out both phones.

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